About Torbat-e Jam


Torbat-e Jam

Torbat-e Jam is one of the ancient cities of Greater Khorasan which is situated on the plains having a temperate mountainous climate. Geographically located in north east of Iran, near Mashhad. It is about 160 kilometres (99 mi) southwest of Mashhad, about 60 kilometres (37 mi) north of Taybad, and about 40 kilometres (25 mi) west of the Afghanistan border. At the 2016 census, its population was 100,449.  Torbet-e Jam is famous as the mysticism land. Torbat-e Jam includes many historical villages and monuments making it a proper choice for tourists who like to learn about Persian history. It is interesting to mention that the city was named after Sheikh Ahmad Jami, Persian Sufi writer, mystic and poet. Traveling to Torbat-e Jam, you could visit his tomb too. The construction also includes many other fantastic sites worth to see, such as an underground mosque and beautiful grave stones with unique shapes and types. Last but not least, folklore music and dance in Torbat-e Jam has a rich history. Local people can play Dotar, a famous traditional long- necked two stringed lure, and this would attract attention of everyone.

Last Update At : 22 November 2021